Travelling is an amazing experience that has many highs and sometimes lows, but one of the most important parts of travelling is keeping fit, well and strong, to be able to cope in all situations.

Health can be challenged with the change of time-zones, trips into different and unusual places and change of eating and sleeping patterns.

I am currently travelling and exercise is the number 1 important routine I maintain daily even if it is only for 10 minutes. It gives me focus and discipline and makes me feel ready for each new day.

I have put together 5 easy exercises that can be done #anywhereanytime as per my Instagram @bodyandbalanceaust

Find a spot that is safe and visually pleasing and start with my ‘go-to’ exercise daily.

1. The Squat

The first thing I do every morning is 50 squats. It recruits the big muscles of the thighs and it is a functional movement, which means it prepares your muscles for real-life challenges when travelling, 

Keep in mind knees behind toes and imagine you are going to sit on a chair and just before you reach it stand back up. Inhale and on the exhale drop. Extend arms forward or up as you also contract your abdominals. If 50 is too many, start with 20 and build it up, but I guarantee that you will begin to feel the muscles of your thighs strengthening and your heart rate increasing…….this is excellent for all those walking tours in new places.

This squat is in the Medina of Tanger, Morocco.

2. The Plank

Can be done in many places from the floor, a field, a wall and wherever you find a place to suit you. Done with a gorgeous view is even better. This one is overlooking the Mediterranean in Tanger, Morocco. Choose your place and decide all 4’s or plank position, either straight arms or on elbows. Inhale move into plank and as you exhale contract your abdominals and hold. Hold for 5 inhales and exhales and rest. Repeat if possible.

Overlooking the Mediterranean in Tanger, Morocco

3. Warrior 1 is a Yoga Lunge

A wonderful stretch using movement on the breath and will stretch your inner and outer thighs and hip flexors, as well as upper body and arms. This is taken in Cannes, France. Inhale step 1 leg forward and drop into a lunge on the exhale as you raise your arms to shoulder level. Hold for 3 inhales and exhales and if you wish, add 5 small pulses to your lunge (if knees are an issue do not hold). Make sure that you can see your toes to keep correct leg alignment. Repeat on the other side.

Taken in Cannes, France

4. Abdominals with Single Leg Stretch 

Lying on a towel with feet flat and bent knees inhale (engage core) and lift head and upper body if possible then 1 or both legs to a tabletop position. Exhale and hold. Then inhale again and extend 1 leg keeping the other in tabletop (or foot on the towel) repeat inhaling and exhaling extend and change legs for 10……phew! If your core is not so strong, neck issues or if it is very hot decrease it to 6 and/or keep 1 foot at a time and upper body on the towel.

Taken in South France at Marseillan Plage

5. Sitting Spinal rotation

This is fabulous to do and again in a spectacular location. This is in Cannes, France.

Sit cross-legged and place your hand on the opposite knee and the other hand behind towards the base of the spine. Inhale and as you exhale engage your core and turn to look over the shoulder of the hand that is behind you……feel that beautiful rotation of your spine. Repeat the other side and then just simply sit hands at heart level and take 3 deep breaths and enjoy this wonderful feeling and space you are in.

Taken in Cannes, France.

Once you have a regular exercise routine and you would like to de-stress or relax after a long day of travelling try Yoga Nidra Meditation. You will find my 10 minute FREE Download on


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About Jill Healy-Quintard of Body and Balance Fitness and Wellness, Australia. My passion is Fitness and Wellness, having 40 years industry history, a Top 5 Award Nominee in the Australian Fitness Awards 2019, author and thought leader. I believe in Balance of Life, Keeping the Body and Mind Moving #anytimeanywhere #doitwithme #travelfit My mantra is “Shape Your Body, Shape Your Mind”.

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