Perhaps you have never been Taipei 台北自由行, but at least you know that Taiwan is one of the best-known cities for its street food and breakfast in the world, I mean, RIGHT? Please tell me you do know if you dare to call yourself as a Foodie or Food-oriented Traveller. Located at the Central Taipei – Ximending(西門町)is a popular tourist attraction with a wide selection of restaurants, street food, clothing brands, shopping mall and more than you can expect. It only takes approx. 35-40 minutes from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(桃園國際機場). Read this article and enjoy the breakfast once you get off the flight.

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1. What Day Kitchen(花嘴廚房)

Lemme ask you a simple ‘weird’ question first – What’d you do for a high-quality breakfast? In Asia, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan, people used to spend 1-2 hours just for queueing. (It’s not even worthy sometime! Aww ..) However, Trust me! No one ever gets disappointed at What Day Kitchen. You can enjoy a larger portion of traditional Taiwanese / Western style burgers, sandwiches, Focaccia and more. FYI: It serves pasta as well, but just after 11 am.

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2. Golden Flower(金花碳烤吐司專賣)

Grilled toast is quite common and whether Westerners or Asians both like it a lot, especially to the kids. You may think it’s simple and nothing special, however, Golden Flower will prove you wrong. With a good reputation for its signature dish ‘Cheese Waterfall’ Grilled Toast給我壁咚, and that is limited to 50 pieces a day. Just 3-min walk from Ximending Station and I recommend you to ‘take-away’ instead of ‘dine-in’ due to the lack of seats here.

Photo: Credit to Golden Flower Official Instagram (goldenflowertoast @IG)

3. Wangji Fucheng Zongzi(王記府城肉粽)

In Chinese culture, people eat Zongzi to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival; but now it has become the main course (kind of), particularly in Taiwan. If you are not an early bird or you prefer to take a nap after a long flight, Wangji Fucheng Zongzi should be your best choice, serving rice dumpling with different flavours, including red beans, vegetables, and meats.

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To all the people who like Omelet: Guru House is a Must-eat restaurant to you, which is probably the best of the best-featured restaurant for breakfast in the whole of Taipei. You can see there are uncountable reviews by Taiwanese foodies on Instagram and it is best-known for the Chinese omelet(蛋餅). The Chinese omelet is served with an iron griddle, so that we can grab a bite and take a picture (if that matters) before it gets cold.

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5. ACME Breakfast CLUB

If you are seeking a restaurant with a leisure atmosphere, delicious food, or a place to take instagrammable pictures, please allow me to introduce you – ACME Breakfast CLUB. Alright! Perhaps a bit formal but to be honest, this might be the most satisfying breakfast combination you would ever have. White Truffles Fries, Tuna Patties Benedict w/ Smoked Salmon (this sounds perfect to me by the way), Acai Smoothies Bowl w/ Seasonal Fruits & Granola and more are being served, in accordance with the menu.

Photo: Credit to acmebreakfastclub @IG

What are you still waiting for? Time to get your flight ticket and add those restaurants above to your list of Hottest Favourite Restaurants in the world. (If you have one!)


Nathaniel is a former Travel Journalist and now based in Hong Kong. He writes about contents on hotels, flight tickets and tips about Independent Travel.

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