During your trip to Sydney, you should think carefully about which highlights and sights you would like to see. In a city like Sydney, which is the biggest city in Australia, you can quickly lose track. During my 10 months in Australia, of which I lived 8 months in Sydney, I learned about local culture and lifestyle.

In this article, I will share some Sydney travel tips on which attractions you should not miss out on.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

1. Sydney Opera House

When people talk about Sydney, most people think of the Opera House first. And they are not wrong, this is one building you definitely should not miss on your trip. The unique architecture of the building, which opened in 1973, graces many postcards and attracts millions of visitors every year.

As the opera is centrally located, it is easily accessible by public transport. You also have the opportunity to book one of the many tours being offered.

Bondi Beach, Australia
View of the outdoor pool by the ocean at Bondi Beach

2. Bondi Beach

Crystal blue water, golden sand – Bondi Beach in Sydney is just picture-perfect. And due to the fantastic weather in the city, the approximately one-kilometer long sandy beach is the ultimate attraction.

No other beach in Australia is as popular with locals and tourists as Bondi Beach. No matter what you feel like doing, Bondi is the place to go. You can of course just sunbathe on the beach and swim at up to 25 degrees (77 ℉) water temperature, or enjoy a snack or a drink in one of the many cafés along the promenade. Along with swimming, you can also surf at Bondi Beach. After all, the beach in Sydney is one of the best surfing spots in the world.

Sydney harbor bridge

3. Sydney Harbor Bridge

London has the Tower Bridge, Sydney the Harbor Bridge. Not only does it look impressing, it also offers a legendary view of the entire city. Everyone knows Sydney has endless highlights and from the bridge, you can see them all.

From the harbor, you have a good view of the bridge. But if that’s not enough for you, you can explore it with a boat or helicopter tour. Best of all, you can take part in a Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb and even climb the top of the bridge, which opened in 1932.

An inexpensive alternative to enjoy the cityscape is to visit the pylon lookout in the city-facing tower of the bridge.

Queen Victoria Building in Sydney
The Queen Victoria Building is a very nice shopping center.

4. Queen Victoria Building

Sure, there are countless shopping malls in the world. However, you have certainly not seen such a magnificent one as the one in the Queen Victoria Building. The building has an exceptional design and was opened in the 19th century.

The highlight, however, is undoubtedly the huge dome below where you will find a large Christmas tree at the end of the year. Of course, you can go shopping in the Queen Victoria Building, with lots of nice stores and cafes to discover. But even without spending money the Building is worth a visit.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

5. Royal Botanic gardens

In a city with more than 5 million people, it can quickly become stressful. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle, you should visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, definitely one of the top Sydney attractions.

You will find green meadows there (depending on how hot it is), beautiful ponds and everything else you need to relax. With it being over 75 acres, it is also the largest botanical garden in the megacity.

The entrance is free and even free tours are offered. In the Royal Botanic Gardens, you can not only picnic next to plants and animals from the South Pacific but visit the rose garden or the tropical center.

From the gardens, you have a fantastic view of the Sydney Opera and Harbor Bridge. This is also a top spot on New Year’s Eve.

Sydney Tower

6. Sydney Tower

If you’re afraid of heights, the Sydney Tower is not for you. With a height of 309 meters, the tower is the second highest building in the southern hemisphere and is one of the ultimate Sydney attractions.

From the observation deck of the narrow tower, you have a breathtaking view over the entire city. The Sydney Tower is centrally located and therefore very easy to reach. The highlight of the skyscraper, however, is the Sydney Tower Eye, the observation deck.

If you’re looking for the ultimate thrill, we recommend the Skywalk. You can walk along the glass platform in the building. This is not for the faint of heart but will give you an extra kick.

7. Kings Cross

Among locals, Kings Cross is considered the red light district of the city. But you do not have to be afraid, it’s not dangerous in Kings Cross at all. It is also the main spot for backpackers as there are many budget party hostels to choose from. Thus, Kings Cross is considered to be one of the best nightlife areas in the city. You will find pubs, bars, and clubs of all kinds.

The Kings Cross is a neighborhood that never sleeps. Party-people roam the streets into the wee hours. If you’re looking to party, the Kings Cross is the place for you.

Blue Mountains, Australia
Blue Mountains, Australia

8. Blue Mountains

Just outside of Sydney are the Blue Mountains. This national park offers everything your heart desires. You can admire a unique landscape. Particularly popular is a tour to the rock formation ‘Three Sisters’. 

In the Blue Mountains, you will find plateaus, ravines, and rivers. Anyone traveling to Australia should not miss out on this. Also, a large number of plants and animals, such as Kangaroos can be discovered. Getting there from the city is very easy, you can find plenty of bus tours that will take you from the city center to the Blue Mountains.

Sydney weather: When is the best time to go?

Sydney is great for exploring all year round. The temperatures are mild to hot and often it is very dry.

A trip to Sydney can be done no matter what month you go. In the Australian winter, which lasts from about June to August, the temperatures drop, while the rainfall increases. You should not underestimate it since the night temperatures can drop quite low. The sun during the day warms up the air again. Luckily, there is still plenty of sun, even in winter, although the days are shorter.

For Europeans, however, the weather is still perceived as pleasant. The water temperature drops sharply in the Australian winter, so swimming is only for the hardened.

Summer in Sydney (December to February) can be very hot and humid. But if you like swimming, that’s ideal. January is school-holiday-time in Australia, everything is crowded and expensive, so be aware.

From March to April and from September to November is the ideal time to have a good mix of ideal bathing weather and pleasant temperatures.


Florian Kretschmann is a Germany born professional with international experience in Sales, Marketing, and Logistics. His expertise in different fields of international companies has afforded him the opportunity to become an expert in intercultural collaboration.

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